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  • The Issue Of Mental Health with Scott Burgess #21 August 16, 2019
    Bob welcomes David Lawrence Center CEO, Scott Burgess to the podcast.  Bob and Scott dive deep into a number of topics ranging from mental health awareness to addiction issues and how the David Lawrence Center can help those people in need, along with the community.  A good counselor is so important. With Collier County growing […]
    Bob Rommel
  • The Battle For Tax Reform with Grover Norquist #20 July 18, 2019
    With Budget battles and more on the horizon, how can we ensure that politicians will be responsible when it comes to the taxpayer's money? Bob welcomes Grover Norquist to the show. He is the president of Americans for Tax Reform (ATR), a taxpayer advocacy group he founded in 1985 at President Reagan’s request. Together, they talk […]
    Bob Rommel
  • Solutions For Prosperity with Skylar Zander #19 June 27, 2019
    The government has expanded to the point that it is way past its core function. So how do we get it back to our foundation? Bob welcomes Skylar Zander to the show! He is the Florida State Director of Americans For Prosperity. Together, they talk about some of the major issues in our country today, from […]
    Bob Rommel
  • A Look At The Senate with Kathleen Passidomo #18 June 14, 2019
    As Bob visits with constituents in Southwest Florida, he's often asked about the difference between the House and the Senate in Tallahassee. Kathleen Passidomo is Florida Senate Majority Leader and she joins the podcast! Together, they discuss the differences between the two chambers and some of the work they have accomplished together. She talks about […]
    Bob Rommel
  • A Historic Session with Ray Rodrigues #17 May 16, 2019
    Will people look back on the 2019 legislative session in Tallahassee and say it was historic? Bob welcomes Ray Rodrigues to the podcast. He is a member of the Florida House of Representatives, representing the 76th District. He believes people recognize this year as a historic one for the state. First, they start with legalizing vouchers […]
    Bob Rommel
  • The End Of Session Wrap Up #16 May 10, 2019
    Bob talks about the conclusion of the 2019 Legislative Session in Tallahassee. The most important job was a balanced budget. Once again, Florida showed the rest of the country how you can have an increase in the budget without raising taxes! How were they able to accomplish this? There was an increase in funding for […]
    Bob Rommel
  • Tallahassee Update with State Rep. Randy Fine #15 April 26, 2019
    It's the second to the last week of the 2019 session in Tallahassee and it's been an emotional week. Today, State Representative Randy Fine from District 53 joins the show! Together, they discuss Amendment 4 and why the people who brought the amendment to the voters are now suddenly moving the goalposts? Next, they talk […]
    Florida State Representative Bob Rommel
  • Latest From Tallahassee and HB1335 on Abortion #14 April 19, 2019
    We are finishing up week 5 in the Florida Legislative session and Bob brings you the latest news. First, he talks about some of the frustration he has with the news out of the nation's capital regarding the Mueller Report. When will we start to talk about the positive things that President Trump has done? […]
    Bob Rommel
  • Tallahassee Update And Consumer Choice #13 April 12, 2019
    Bob gives a live update from Tallahassee. There are only 3 weeks left to go and the real push is on. First, he talks about one of the most important issues that he has been working on, Assignment of Benefits. Where does it stand in the legislature? Next, he talks about Speaker Jose Oliva's priority this […]
    Bob Rommel
  • Florida Commissioner Of Education Richard Corcoran #12 April 4, 2019
    Bob has a conversation with Richard Corcoran, former Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives who currently serves as the Education Commissioner of Florida. He talks about his own history of becoming active in state politics leading up to his position today. Together, they discuss the current state of education in Florida and some of […]
    Bob Rommel