Bob Rommel is no politician. He’s a successful businessman concerned about our future and determined to make a difference. Bob believes that government does best when it promotes economic opportunity, personal responsibility and limited government.



Bob Rommel brings his business skills to Tallahassee to fight the bureaucrats who stifle businesses from creating jobs. We can always count on Bob to fight for entrepreneurship and innovation.


Bob Rommel has a proven record of cutting taxes to grow our economy, create jobs and increase retirement savings. He’ll always fight any attempt by liberals to institute a state income tax.


Bob Rommel is a public school graduate. He’s committed to making sure every child gets a quality education. He believes in local control of our schools, getting dollars into classrooms, students mastering the basics, and classroom discipline.

Southwest Florida

Bob Rommel understands how important it is to make sure our area has clean water coming to the Everglades and our shores. He’s proud of the monumental steps the 2017 Legislature has taken to clean up water exiting Lake Okeechobee.