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Born and raised in Keyport New Jersey, Bob Rommel is the product of a hard-working small town where most families struggled just to survive. Growing up with parents that focused on hard work and respect for others, at a young age, Bob learned valuable life lessons that helped lead him to a very successful life…continue reading

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Bob believes that government does best when it promotes economic opportunity, personal responsibility and limited government.

Bob Rommel is no politician. He’s a successful businessman concerned about our future and determined to make a difference.


The Economy

Fighting for
and innovation


Lower Taxes

To grow the economy, create jobs and increase retirement savings



committed to making sure every child gets a quality education


SWFL Water Quality

clean water running through our rivers and to our beaches is vital

1 month ago

Rommel For State Representative

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We Already knew That! Congrats Bob 👍🏻❤️🇺🇸

Looking good Bob

Very impressive Bob...looking forward to seeing you in DC sooner than anticipated!

This award merely means you promote right wing policies. Those of us who care about our fellow man detest those policies.

Sara McFadden will be at your heels again. We are watching what you do. Have you been to Homestead? The legislative session was pathetic on Florida’s environment and our toxic water.

Republicans love concentration camps

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